Jabez Burns & Sons

February 20, 2011

I was able to track down some old coffee equipment manufactured by Jabez Burns & Sons. The large picture above of a cup testing outfit is from Chapter 24 in All About Coffee. The other photos below it I took while touring the Dallis Brothers Roastery in Queens, New York courtesy of Byron Holcomb. This turn of the century equipment is made from solid cast iron and granite, amazing quality, just Hear the sound that table makes!

Exploring biographical information on William Ukers, author of All About Coffee, revealed a connection with Jabez Burns early on in Ukers writing career. I was thrilled to find some JB&S equipment in use at the Dallis Brothers Roastery and I imagine that there may be more old coffee equipment hiding in Queens, Brooklyn, and the surrounding area since New York City has had a long history with the coffee trade. The complete story of New York coffee is scattered through out the book, but well worth digging for.